My Story

The author has studied at DePaul University and has had a passion for biblical prophecy for over 30 years and received a certificate of ordination from Ministerial Seminary of America (MSA). Due to his talent as a pianist he mostly served for churches as minister of music and pianist. His career was as an auditor serving as a federal civilian for over 25 years. However it was in 1991 being touched by God that because of my measure of faith in prophecy, it became my responsibilty to reveal. Putting pen to paper I was led to write “Seven Letters…” as his first ever publication. Later he published another book titled “Inspired Writings” with prophetic utterance and it’s this recent edition which combines the two works into this second edition book. He is married and retired with 4 adult kids.

Accomplished Author

I am somebody nobody knows but God knows each and every one of us so I am like you. As I drew to God seeking his reality he drew me near to him. An author I did become but being accomplished I await perhaps being a newbie in publishing books. I strive to build a prophetic ministry wherever I go. Such ministries are not as present as it should be. However, I feel it is needed in so many churches to revive them again.

My desire to write grew as a result of my measure of faith in scripture. The driving force was simply God moving me by the spirit of truth, telling me “that if it is given for me to know, then it is by faith my responsibility to reveal”. Then came pen to paper and I began my journey by faith to serve by writing!

Beside me in the picture is my lovely wife and we are at a book signing at Barnes & Noble.