Seven Letters

Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Return of Christ

This book is made of seven signs the author sees in our world which details the biblical rebirth of Israel as a nation after almost 2000 years of non-existance. It reflects openly and sincerely a layman’s desire to want to know prophecy from the Bible and not from politics. To begin with, the return of Israel in 1948 is miracle sign number one. This discovery also led me to see sign number two. The concept of truth verses our religions and traditions and how opposing they can be to the point of making the reality of the living Word of no effect in our lives, as it was told to the Pharisees from Jesus himself. I ask, can it also be told to us, the Gentiles?

As a result, the replacement theology end up being in direct conflict and represent sign number three as revealed in detail in Romans chapter 11. These signs and now many other signs and wonders as God said there would be are before us. In the author opinions, the potential of Christ returns is far higher in our generation than ever before. In Matt 24:22 Jesus declares “no flesh would be saved except the days are shortened” from the author view, Jesus is actually saving us from ourselves due to the power of our sinful nature. Because only the use of our nuclear arms could cause such a reality, so we have another key sign.

These seven signs are for the purpose of keeping you sober and aware and not to be found sleeping, while preparing us for the coming Christ to rapture His Church based on hope and not fear. God eternal reality becomes present before all men and redeems Israel in the final battle of Armaggeddon which is another potential before us. These seven letters shared to me by the Spirit during the years 1991-1994 captures the heart and mind of God to continue to build his church for his glory as I am called to do. I close with this thought that we remember theology often fails to consider the reality! See the prophetic word which is already at work for our benefit and we will see what a mighty God we serve!


What People Say

This book is well written and get the message across effectively: Insightful books like “Seven Leters” are hard to find nowadays. This marvelous book is the research of the bible and the importance of introducing Christ in our lives. The central goal of the author is the recovery of Israel being in the sacred land and the historical and upcoming challenges that we would face. Author highlights the destiny of Israel and explains how the Devil has fooled countless Christians in believing misleading concepts, ignoring God’s essence. I liked the ideas and conversational tone of the author. The best thing is that this book will defintely revive your belief in Christ and that is why you would not want to miss it!


Refreshingly radical ideas about Biblical prophecy for modern times. The author composed these letters, purely guided by inspiration and supported by diligent research as a stirring call to Christians. Neither preacher nor theologian, Booker is a man with a message to share to fellow believers He gives major importance to the state of Israel and Jesus Christ as the forefront of world attention. This book will attract thoughtful readers to take revelatory writings seriously, using them as a focus for faith-based study.

Barbara Bamberger Scott

Detail and powerful Booker displays excellent knowledge and a passion for the word of God in this read. We as Christians feel the pain we go through here on on earth for ourselves, others and as we consider signs of the times. Yet God is not a man that he shall lie and the author perfectly executes depicting this prophetic work truly from God. Compiled with biblical references and revelations, this book will open any reader’s eyes to the undeniable truth.