Press Release

This press release is announcing the publication of my two previous books titled” Seven Letters Detailing the prophetic framework of the return of Christ and “Inspired Writings of a prophet for Jesus the Christ” which has been combined in this single rendition. It contains a panaramic view of key scripture such as 70th Week of Daniel, Matthew 24 Olivet Discourse and the often overlooked Romans Ch11 commonly known as “OliveTree Parable”. While it never identifies itself as a parable yet it’s called a covenant by God not a parable. The author sees this as an illustration depicting the olivetree planting and grafting process. This triangular view, a form of seeing things in three, supports the prophetic movement in the Book of Revelation. The seven letters helps to forewarn and forearm by faith, preparing hearts for the rapture which represents the coming of Christ in the clouds.

The “inspired Writings” are a collections of visions and experience sharing poetic, prophetic utterances per the gift of prophecy, personal testimony and more of what led him to be a follower of Christ due to my studies per 2 Tim 2:15. These writing represent a variety of expressions unique but well received. This combination effort lowers the price and adds convenience of which both works are complemtary to sharing the vision and the hope. The author feels God has used him in a mighty way to be of service to his people around the world in sharing these prophetic revelations as the time nears. Come and see!